Comic Con @ Home panels

Among the many things I do, I  organize panels for conventions. And I realized, I never post the videos of said panels here. 

I plan to change that, and while I still have to look for videos of a lot of SDCC panels from years prior, one of the very few advantages of this 2020 is that, well, every panel was recorded. So here  we have the panels from SDCC 2020, Comic Con @ Home

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Free Coloring Pages for Mermay

We’re in confusing times, that can get really boring for everyone. So I thought to at least offer something that can kill a few hours for you guys: for all the duration of the quarantine, every single one of my drawings for Mermay will be available here as downloadable pdfs for you to print and color by yourself, with your kids, or whichever way you like. All I ask in exchange is that if you post the results, you tag me either as @luxshine on twitter or as @luxshinedraws on instagram, ok? I’ll love to see all those colorful mermaids!

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D is for Dew

Together with Calani, Dew stays mostly in the background of the Dream Keeper Robin story for now. Unlike Calani, she manages to steal the spotlight due to her.. uhm… let’s call it enthusiasm for battle. She may not be the smartest Squire on the table, but she makes up for that with her unending energy.

A is for Aria

Aria D’Opera, from Gradients

Ah, good ol’ Aria. I mentioned in my previous post that I would be doing more illustrations projects. I started this last year, but I couldn’t show it until now. I’m working on an alphabet series with all my characters, with some extra details that I hope you appreciate.

So here’s A, Aria, with an Azalea for the letter because Azaeleas mean Patience and Fragility (I know, I know, not very Aria-like) but are also the symbol for women in China so… Aria.

You can get to know her both in Gradients, every Tuesday in Tapas, and in the special patreon strips at just $1.00 dlls a month in Patreon every Friday.

Onwards 2019

As the year begins, I thought I’d give you a run down of what I am working on, comic – wise (the other projects, that are illustration only, will come later I think)

2018 Year in Review

Last year, around this week and inspired by the amazing Axel Medellin’s daily sketches, I made the resolution of doing one color sketch daily both to practice and to have enough art for the year in review. And while I fell short of that particular goal (May was madness and during October I choose to concentrate on Inktober), I still managed most of the days. And so, here’s the year in review, with a bit of everything, as I go into 2019 with more resolutions:

First, obviously, I will keep on doing the daily sketch thing until I manage 365 drawings for you guys. Sure, October will be Inktober, and I hope that 2019 is the year when I manage to get all Mermay done, but still, 1 drawing a day.

Second, well, webcomics: Dream Keeper Robin will continue every Monday, followed by Gradients every Tuesday, Traveling Seers on Wednesdays and a new project that I will be telling you about pretty soon on Thursdays, to finish with the patreon exclusive strips of Gradients every Friday.

And Third, well, you will see. I want to surprise you guys with a new comic and more conventions. So wish me luck, and to all of you, a very happy 2019, and that all the blessings for you and your loved ones!


It has come to my attention that I haven’t talked at all of why the site is named Calico Chimera, nor who this cutey is. My bad. Her name is Cooperstown and she represents both the fact that I love to work in different genres that can be put together, and my three cats. None of them are calicos, but their colors didn’t help for a good mascot so Cooperstown took a different coat from there.

I want to draw a small strip about her, but I haven’t had the time (While I write this, you guys get four comics from me every week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday… And I am working on a fifth one to fill the Thursday slot), so for now, you can see all the art I’ve made of her when I have some free time.

Her goat head represents Indiana, my oldest kitty, who can be quite stubborn on her ways, while the cat head represents Serenghetti, who is the only one who acts like a cat, being cunning and witty. The snake head represents Hei Hei, my rescue kitten who may or may not be special needs (you can learn more about Hei Hei if you follow me on facebook. I write about her antics a lot. And yes, that wasn’t her original name but the fact that everyone who knew her and saw Moana said “THAT’s your cat!” to me cemented her new name and well, now she answers to it)

As a bonus, here are my kitties: The Tabby one is Hei Hei, asleep with Indiana. The one who is alone is Serenghetti. She demands her space ever since Hei Hei kind of activated the shower when Serenghetti was inside.

Thanks for 100 posts

100 posts in Calico Chimera and it’s all thanks to you guys. I mean, there aren’t many comments as I write this, but I know you’re reading and watching (thank you site statistics), so I really wanted to thank you all with some illustrations. And well, let you know what’s on the cards for the next 100 posts!

First of all, I really want to make this site a bit more interactive, so let me know what you want to see from me, ok? Second, let’s take a look to those illustrations (and their stories and what’s on their future)

Irene Doll, the girl who started it all. She wasn’t my first original character, but she was the first one I published professionally (meaning, I got paid!). Her story is kind of done, but I still have one extra surprise for those who miss her. (Check my newsletter for MORE information on that) Oh, btw, she was the 31 drawing for Inktober, with the prompt Slice.


I hope you guys are familiar with Robin and his magical messenger Gavin. Robin still hates that I draw him as a girl more often than not, but well, not my fault! He looks pretty.  I hope to finish issues 4 – 6 next year, so you can follow his adventures at the Dream Keeper Robin page in Tapas. Or buy the books at my store and at cons!

Maria and the Traveling Seers had a bit of a vacation for two years, so it’s time for them to get back in the field.  Murphy was kind enough not to eat the flowers until I was finished with the drawing. You can read all about this supernatural baseball team at Traveling Seers in tapas.


Romeo and I have a long story. The magazine where his story appeared was the first one I edited professionally, but his personal story was filled with executive meddling. So now in Gradients, I have the freedom to tell it as it was. For now, you can read the strips at my Patreon (one for free every month, three for $1.00 USD per month), but in 2019 I have planned to publish the longform story (And yes, mexican readers, THAT question you’ve been asking since 2002 WILL be answered)

And finally, Lily. She came to me in a dream, and I have been writing and redoing her story for two years now. But thanks to my new editor, Amy Zunk, it’s starting to take shape so you all will get a chance to meet her and her crush Raz in 2019. I promise!


If you want to know more about how these projects are advancing, as well as others that are still in the starting stages, please consider joining my newsletter (link on the column to the right) for free! I swear I don’t spam.

And once again, thank you so much for joining me in this adventure, I really appreciate every single one of your views!