Stephen King: Fanart and Analysis.

I love Stephen King books. They are my confort books, my most beloved stories, and the reason why, when everyone told me I should just stick to “the approved literature” when doing my major… I kinda went sideways and said, nope, I want to analyze King from here to the Lights and back. 

And of course, I am doing that. 

This is a series of videos that  include me talking about every single King book (Ok, so I am stuck in The Talisman at the moment of writing, but I plan to get through them all) each analyzing a different angle of the story, while I do a tribute fanart for them. Hope you like them and, if so, Like, Subscribe and Hit the Bell on YouTube!

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Carrie White and the Unreliable Narrator
Salem's Lot and the dangers of nostalgia
The Shining and the cycles of family abuse
The Dead Zone and the motherly figure
Firestarter and the loss of authority
Cujo and the power of bad press
Christine and toxic masculinity
Pet Sematary and dealing with grief
The Talisman and Father Figures
It and the invisible scars of abuse
The Eyes of the Dragon and Nature vs. Nuture
The Stand and King's formula 01. The Artist
Misery , pride, addiction and art.
The Tommyknockers, the dark side of addiction.
The Dark Half Sympathy for the devil
The Stand and King's formula 02. The Child
Needful Things: The danger of grudges
Gerald's Game: Internalized mysoginy and trauma
The Stand and the King Formula: 03. The Sacrifice
Dolores Claiborne: Another look at domestic abuse
Insomnia and the dangers of fanatism
Rose Madder and the cycles of violence
The Green Mile and the humanity of criminals