Onwards 2019

As the year begins, I thought I’d give you a run down of what I am working on, comic – wise (the other projects, that are illustration only, will come later I think)

Irene Doll, cute singer, tragic backstory.

Irene Doll, I.Doll, my first professional comic. This is only for my spanish followers, but I am working on an e-book with all her original stories, all the way up to what I published digitally in the Oubilette magazine. That’s about 320 pages, with some new art and a lot of commentary on the story. If things work out fine, this will be ready before July. It’s just a matter of time to finish what I started.

Robin. Unwilling magical girl,
otherwise normal guy.

Robin, on the other hand, is going on as planned. I started publishing Dream Keeper Robin on Tapas in 2016, and while I could use more subscribers there, I am very happy that the story is still going forwad. I’m starting chapter 4 this month, and I really hope that I’ll have all the way up to chapter 6 drawn by december this year.

Dream Keeper Robin updates every Monday on Tapas. You can read it here.

Romeo, clueless student with his heart on the right place.

Gradients is a project very dear to my heart. In its original version, called Open a Window in spanish, it was the last story I could talk about with my dad, before his untimely passing. But that first version was cut short due to low sales of the magazine where it was published, and had a ton of censorship due to the era so I was very happy to rework it and begin serialization last year. It will be 22 chapters, and I am already writing the script for issue 2 to send to my editor, Amy Zunk.

Gradients updates every Tuesday on Tapas, and you can read it and subscribe here. You can also read a special strip with the characters every Friday on my Patreon, one free every month, and the rest from just $1.00 every month that also gives you access to the whole archive.

Maria. Catcher and medium.

Maria is the catcher of the Traveling Seers, a baseball team who plays against the literal ghosts of the past. I am very happy to translate it to english, so you all can meet them, but this year I’m also working on the third volume of the story. I am hoping to start that particular chapter in April, just in time for the 2019 Season. Wish me luck!

The volumes are short stories about baseball, both the story of the sport and player’s anecdotes and fun facts. A good story for everyone who loves baseball and the people who love baseball.

You can read the previous volumes, updating every Wednesday, on Tapas, here.

Lily. Shy, romantic girl with a secret.

Lily is the main character of a story I am doing as an experiment. Unlike the other comics, which are webcomics that I also print, I want to make her story a print-only one shot. For that, of course, I will need your help but it’s still a bit too soon for that. I can tell you, however, that it’s 75 page story, and that I am now doing the pencils of page 57. Once all the pencils are done, I’ll tell you more about Lily and her life. But, isn’t she really cute?

Cooperstown, playful Chimera.

I’m also working on giving more time for this site, and for the mascot, Cooperstown. I still don’t know if I can do a small strip of her misadventures, but in the meantime, expect to see more sketches and drawings of her. (If I don’t, yell at me. I mean, she’s cute!)

Joshua. Writer. Landlord. My new victim.

And finally, meet Joshua. Again, I can’t tell you much about him, because his story will debut soon-ish. This webcomic is another milestone for me, as it will be full color, something I’ve never done. So… wish me monsters!

Seriously, I am hoping you will love Joshua as much as I love him. When the story is ready to debut, it will take the empty Thursday update slot.

So here it is, all that I am planning to do comic-wise in 2019 (Of course, there may be last minute additions if the muses demand so. I still don’t have comics for Saturdays and Sundays!), so I hope you join me for the trip.

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