2018 Year in Review

Last year, around this week and inspired by the amazing Axel Medellin’s daily sketches, I made the resolution of doing one color sketch daily both to practice and to have enough art for the year in review. And while I fell short of that particular goal (May was madness and during October I choose to concentrate on Inktober), I still managed most of the days. And so, here’s the year in review, with a bit of everything, as I go into 2019 with more resolutions:

First, obviously, I will keep on doing the daily sketch thing until I manage 365 drawings for you guys. Sure, October will be Inktober, and I hope that 2019 is the year when I manage to get all Mermay done, but still, 1 drawing a day.

Second, well, webcomics: Dream Keeper Robin will continue every Monday, followed by Gradients every Tuesday, Traveling Seers on Wednesdays and a new project that I will be telling you about pretty soon on Thursdays, to finish with the patreon exclusive strips of Gradients every Friday.

And Third, well, you will see. I want to surprise you guys with a new comic and more conventions. So wish me luck, and to all of you, a very happy 2019, and that all the blessings for you and your loved ones!

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

I fell in love with the new She-ra series. Back when the trailer came out, I was already intrigued because as much as I love the original, I also know that it had some flaws and liked a lot what I saw of the reboot (Mostly the fact that now the characters had different shaped bodies and that Glimmer and Angela looked like mother and daughter, not like twin sisters). But actually watching the series? OMG, I am in complete love with it. She-ra/Adora is adorkable, Glimmer’s desire to prove herself is relatable, Bow is all shades of awesome, Catra needs a hug and a scritch behind her ears…

I could go on forever.  The only princess that hasn’t quite grown on me is Entrapta, and even her is adorable at times. So yeah, I had to make some fanart tribute.

And if you haven’t watched it, watch it! I’m 90% sure you’ll love it!


She-Ra Princess of Power

She-ra was another winner in my weekly polls, and one I was REALLY happy to see. I mean, it’s She-ra! And now she’s back in Netflix, which makes it even better because she deserves more love.  When I was a little girl I had She-ra, Katra and Bow (I LOVED my Bow doll), and never missed an episode. Sure, some are really cheesy, but they’re still some of my fondest memories, and, let’s be honest here, one of the first, if not THE first, American Magical Girl.