Building Blocks in Pokemon World.

I’m going to be totally honest: I adore the Pokemon designs. Yes, even the absurd ones like the icecream cone and the keychain. There’s something about their looks that make me wish they existed in real life. Like everyone else, I want a Charizard.

Gail Simone’s Homage Week (DC Comics)

At the risk of sounding a bit too fangirly, I absolutely adore everything that Gail Simone writes. From her Bongo stories to now Domino’s Hotshots, her stories are funny, sad, poignant and more often than not, end up hitting every single one of my buttons as a comic reader. She has made me love characters I used to despise, and hate and fear villains that I thought were harmless.

Silent Hill

While I don’t have much time to play videogames, Silent Hill is one of my favorite videogame franchises of all time. It’s creepy, atmospheric, and incredibly well written

Cells at Work!

When I am not drawing, I am usually writing about Anime (you can find my articles at Honey’s Anime) which means I get to see a lot of series and sometimes, they capture my heart completely. Cells at Work! is one of those series.

Young Justice

If there was a comic I loved to pieces, was Todd Nauck and Peter David’s Young Justice for DC Comics. I never missed an issue, and while Kon-el was my absolute favorite character in the line-up, choosing a second fave was hard (It was a toss up between Lil’Lobo, Secret and Tim, especially when he came up with Mr. Sarcastic). I cried when the book was cancelled for the much grimer Teen Titans.

Spider-people : A view into the Spiderverse

Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse is an amazing movie. If you haven’t seen it, go, see it now. Seriously, close your browser and go to the movies. It will be worth it.

Princess Bride

There isn’t much to say about Princess Bride that hasn’t been said already: It’s a classic, a wonderful story


Supernatural is one of my favorite shows. Well, was. Now it’s more of a guilty pleasure because the cast is so pretty since after fighting God’s estranged Sister, there’s an issue of Big Bad escalation that not even Buffy managed to reach. Still, I love the characters, when the writers let them evolve, and I am an unrepentant, unashamed Dean Girl. So of course I was really happy when Supernatural won my biweekly fanart poll.


Dr. Who, Seven to Thirteen

I was a bit late comer to Dr. Who. I started watching from 9’s season, but not until the hiatus between 11 and 12. Still, I fell in love with the series in about… 4 episodes. While I haven’t yet watched all of classic Who, I can’t deny 7 and 8 are really fun. And of the Doctors I’ve seen? All have something special. Can’t wait for 13, who seems to have a joy in life that I’ve been missing in the Doctors since 9.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

While I’ve loved Magic Girls forever, more or less since I watched Minky Momo and Lalabell in TV, after Sailor Moon I kind of… abandoned my hope in the genre. Everything after Usagi and her friends seemed so… samey. Even Precure (Which I discovered later was FAR better than first impression) left me kind of blah.

Enter Madoka Magica. Which I had to watch to write an article in a magazine because the heartless editor wanted me to suffer (jk. I was the heartless editor, and given that all I knew about Madoka were the cutesy designs, well, I wasn’t going to make one of my writers suffer). This was right when it premiered, btw, so no one knew what it was really about, and no one, NO ONE, was prepared for Episode Three.

Needless to say, I got hooked.

If you haven’t watched it, and are free of spoilers, watch it. If you watched it, watch it again. Because it’s a good anime. And I will always love it because it brought me back to re-discover a genre I adore.