Let's Talk About...

Yet another YouTube series of videos, because sometimes, I want to talk about things that are not horror, or Stephen King, or… well, anything.  

Here we go from cute stories like, when I adopted my kitty Hei hei, to a bit more serious stuff like, why the X do we need romantic plots everywhere!

Updates every third Tuesday, and you can see them one week earlier by joining my patreon!

Adopting Hei Hei
My San Diego Comic-Con Nemesis
The Romantic Plot Tumor
No Spoilers Please!
All I Want for Christmas
Dean Winchester is the Father of the Year
Good Adaptation, Bad movie and viceversa
Turning Red: Let your inner Panda Growl!
Hudson Hawk: A missunderstood heist comedy
What to do at SDCC with (and without) a badge!
Representation and why it is important
Empowered (A Recomendation)
When Fanon goes wild! (Or Jake Lockley is not evil)
The Final Girls (and their long history in horror)
She Hulk (The Original Fourth Wall Breaker)
Villain Redemptions (And when they're unfairly undone)
Ship and let ship (Or, no, we don't want every character to be gay)
When to table at an Artist Alley
Diversity is never forced
Rookies! Baseball and friendship
Uzumaki: A Spiral of a Narrative