Star Wars

Star Wars has been with me since I was born. Literally, I was born in 1977, so yeah. Can’t ever forget the anniversary of Star Wars premiere. Thus, I was really happy it won the last fanart poll of the year.

2018 Year in Review

Last year, around this week and inspired by the amazing Axel Medellin’s daily sketches, I made the resolution of doing one color sketch daily both to practice and to have enough art for the year in review. And while I fell short of that particular goal (May was madness and during October I choose to concentrate on Inktober), I still managed most of the days. And so, here’s the year in review, with a bit of everything, as I go into 2019 with more resolutions:

First, obviously, I will keep on doing the daily sketch thing until I manage 365 drawings for you guys. Sure, October will be Inktober, and I hope that 2019 is the year when I manage to get all Mermay done, but still, 1 drawing a day.

Second, well, webcomics: Dream Keeper Robin will continue every Monday, followed by Gradients every Tuesday, Traveling Seers on Wednesdays and a new project that I will be telling you about pretty soon on Thursdays, to finish with the patreon exclusive strips of Gradients every Friday.

And Third, well, you will see. I want to surprise you guys with a new comic and more conventions. So wish me luck, and to all of you, a very happy 2019, and that all the blessings for you and your loved ones!

Happy New Year Everyone

2018 is here, and well, we all survived so far. I can’t deny that 2017 was hard, but it also brought great challenges and new friendships. So to face 2018 right, I decided I am going to do at least one drawing a day.  I actually started on Dec. 22, to practice and make sure I could keep the rhythm of my other projects (Dream Keeper Robin #3, and of course, the continued Writer’s Block), as you may have seen if you follow me on instagram ( So here are all the 2017 small daily drawings, from 22-12 to 31-12.

So here’s for a great 2018, filled with art and emotion. I can’t wait to see what is in store for us.

True Heroes

This started as a joke.

I went to watch Moana and fell in love with the movie. But in particular, I fell in love with Hei Hei because he reminded me so much of my cat, Dakota (Seriously, Dakota will lick the floor next to her full food plate. And get lost in a straight line with a perfect view of my apartment door). Next week, I went to watch Rogue One and cried my eyes out. My favorite character there was K2SO because I love surly androids.

Then I was made aware that both are voiced by Alan Tudyk. Of COURSE I had to draw them together. And as I was doing the design, I got the idea to make it like an old time tattoo. And while I was looking for a phrase to give them, I decided that both were quite heroic in their series (although I admit, my first sketch had K2 asking Hei Hei how it was that HE survived and K2 didn’t), and thus the True Heroes was born.

But THEN I choose to do it in colored pencils, which takes a while. And while I was coloring it… I realized that Moana and Rogue One had a LOT in common besides the greatest voice actor ever. So this became a series. Next post, you’ll see what I mean with that.