Star Wars

Star Wars has been with me since I was born. Literally, I was born in 1977, so yeah. Can’t ever forget the anniversary of Star Wars premiere. Thus, I was really happy it won the last fanart poll of the year.

Obi Wan Kenobi, in his younger days. Only sane man in the Jedi Order, if you ask me.
Luke Skywalker. Dreamer farmboy who became one of the Last Jedi.
Han Solo, Scoundrel, and the best damn pilot in the galaxy.
General Leia Organa. Rebel leader, Inspiration to us all.
Cassian Andor. Rebel Pilot. Martyr for the cause.
Poe Dameron. Rebel Pilot, stubborn ass sometimes
Rey. Junk collector. Pilot. Mechanic. Force sensitive badass.

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