Meet Fire Squire Blaze

Blaze, Fire Squire of Alnitak and field leader of the Squires. Bit of a hot head.

Blaze is the leader of the Squires, the Royal Guard of Alnitak. She has been training since she was a child to control the element of fire, and to serve the Queen of Alnitak so she takes her mission very, very seriously.

For some reason, she doesn’t trust Gavin (And calls him a Chicken, much to his discomfort), and refuses to believe that Robin is indeed the candidate for the crown. The probelm she has with him is not that he’s male, she couldn’t care less about his gener, her problem is that she doesn’t believe he is worthy.

By the Alnitak rules, she was defeated by Robin in combat, but in fact the fight was interrupted first by Dew, then by Orion.

She’s about 18 years old in Earth time, and her weapon of choice is a fire halberd that has earned her the nickname Pyro when Robin refers to her.

You can read all her complains against Robin and see her in action at Dream Keeper Robin in Tapas.

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