Comic Con @ Home panels

Among the many things I do, I  organize panels for conventions. And I realized, I never post the videos of said panels here. 

I plan to change that, and while I still have to look for videos of a lot of SDCC panels from years prior, one of the very few advantages of this 2020 is that, well, every panel was recorded. So here  we have the panels from SDCC 2020, Comic Con @ Home

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Free Coloring Pages for Mermay

We’re in confusing times, that can get really boring for everyone. So I thought to at least offer something that can kill a few hours for you guys: for all the duration of the quarantine, every single one of my drawings for Mermay will be available here as downloadable pdfs for you to print and color by yourself, with your kids, or whichever way you like. All I ask in exchange is that if you post the results, you tag me either as @luxshine on twitter or as @luxshinedraws on instagram, ok? I’ll love to see all those colorful mermaids!

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N is for Noemi

Noemi is yet another one of Romeo’s housemates, and the one we’ve seen very little for now. This is because she has a reputation of being cold and being studying all the time so well, she’s usually in her room, reading.

DC Elseworlds

If there’s something I adore about comics are the multiverse and parallel realities stories. Seeing what would have happened if they had zigged instead of zagged is always intriguing. Obviously that means that Marvel’s What If is one of my favorites, but that doesn’t mean that DC is left behind.

M is for Moonbeam Honesty

Moonbeam Honesty is another of Romeo’s housemates. She is a very passionate woman, who thinks society should be fair and equal and is ready to fight and tell everyone about the unfairness we suffer today. She also happens to do many of those protests chained to doors and sometimes even without clothes.

Building Blocks in Pokemon World.

I’m going to be totally honest: I adore the Pokemon designs. Yes, even the absurd ones like the icecream cone and the keychain. There’s something about their looks that make me wish they existed in real life. Like everyone else, I want a Charizard.

Captain Marvel Week

Have you seen Captain Marvel? If not, go. Run to your nearest cinema and watch it because it’s a really fun movie. I enjoyed it from start to finish and while I was already a Carol fan from the comics, I came out waiting to see more of her in the MCU. And well, given that, I skipped one fanart week poll to give her and those other women who have used her names in the Marvel Universe a much deserved homage.

L is for Luisa

First thing you need to know about Luisa: She is an absolute loyal friend and if you hurt those she likes, you will be in a lot of pain.

K is for sKater

Now, unlike Juliet, Julian here is not a spoiler character for Gradients. It’s just that so far he has only appeared on the Friday Patreon’s strips. He’s the very first friend that Romeo made at College, before he even knew about the house where he’s living now.

Traveling Seers’ Uniform History

I adore baseball uniforms’ history. You can see so much evolution both in the sports and in the society regarding how long some pants where, the socks, the skirts in female teams.