Commissions Open

My commissions list is open, with limited spaces. 

I work both in digital and traditional (Mostly color pencil, copic markers or watercolor), prices don’t include shipping, which will be through certificated mail. 

Digital commissions include a zip with the final file in a High Resolution JPG as well as the first sketch  and a low res copy on the size for the screen the client requires. 

Traditional commissions need to add the shipping price, but will also include protection and the pencil sketch if you want it. For commissions to be picked up at Conventions, there’s no shipping, obviously.

To order, send me an email to with your request, references for the character you want (Especially if OC of yours) and we will hammer down the details. All prices listed here are base prices, so if you want more figures or something extra, we can talk about it.

Paypal only.

All payments must be 50% in advance. 

While I don’t mind challenging subjects, I don’t draw Shota, Lolicon, Guro, or Hate-speech based images. NSFW is up for negotiation depending on exactly what you want. Furry is ok and welcomed.

If all Commissions lists are occupied, I will let you know that you can be in a wait list no payment needed. 


Digital Color