Commissions Open

My commissions list is open, with limited spaces. 

I work both in digital and traditional (Mostly color pencil, copic markers or watercolor), prices don’t include shipping, which will be through certificated mail. 

Digital commissions include a zip with the final file in a High Resolution JPG as well as the first sketch  and a low res copy on the size for the screen the client requires. 

Traditional commissions need to add the shipping price, but will also include protection and the pencil sketch if you want it. For commissions to be picked up at Conventions, there’s no shipping, obviously.

If all Commissions lists are occupied, I will let you know that you can be in a wait list no payment needed.

To make everything easier, for all digital commissions -or traditional done commissions when you only want a HD scan- now I have an Artistree form!

Hot Beverages

If you want to commission something NSFW, I will require first and foremost proof of age. If you are not willing/unable to provide one, I am sorry, I can’t do something NSFW for you.

Cold Beverages

If you wish to use the commissioned piece in a commercial fashion (as a logo, sticker, shirt, prints) you will have to pay an extra commercial usage fee. The base price in Artistree is for shirts and general merch, but for something like a youtube thumbnail or so, we can negotiate on DM.

All digital commission communication must be made through artistree. When commissions are open for Traditional media, to be handed at Conventions or shipped to you, email me at

NO Beverages

The following are things I will absolutely NOT draw for ANY reason:

-Anything sexual or erotic with characters who are underage or LOOK underage (This includes 1000 year old dragon lolis and shotas and 100 year old vampire lolis and shotas )

-Anything that promotes harmful and hateful stereotypes of any group, religion, race, gender, sexuality or country.



-All Watersport kinks


-Mechas (Not because mechas are in line with all the rest, but because I do not know HOW to draw them)

The Basics

By accepting the terms of service you are giving me permission to share the artwork commissioned in my social media, as commission price examples, advertisements and my personal portfolio.

There will be no refunds made no matter what unless I cancel the commission for any reason. Base prices can be negotiated but once a final quote has been accepted, no changes to it will be made, no matter what.

The commissioned piece won’t be used for prints or merch, only as advertisement as previously stated.

If there’s any reason you don’t want the commissioned piece to be shown, or for it to be “commissioned by anonymous” you can ask for it, and I will bow to your wishes. This goes double for NSFW commissions.

You need to provide clear digital references, or a fully detailed written description in the case of original characters.


No Sketch/AI generated/Minecraft/Sims references are accepted as references.


Flat color references are preferred for color work for accurate color selection.


Payment is only through Paypal.


Payments may be done in full to begin with, or 50/50 and must be made within 24 hours of accepting final quote. No work will be done without at least the 50% advance. The last 50% is to be paid once the commission is finished before it’s handed to you.


You may post your commission piece to your social media accounts, as long as proper credit is given. A link to my artistree is welcomed but not required. Credit must be to either Adalisa Zarate or Luxshine (Luxshinedraws if on Instagram)


All art must be credited to me, never claimed as your own. (Of course, you stil retain credit for the concept of original characters)


Depending on the commission type, times to deliver may vary. They will be given to you with the quote and full communication will be maintained through the process especially if for any reason more time is needed.

During the sketch process, up to three changes can be made free of charge. Small changes like expression or a hand position may be still be made up to the inking process and depending on the composition, may not be charged. Once the inks are approved, changes will be charged depending on the complexity requested.


Once final approval for colors is given, no changes can be made.


No art produced by me can be resold as “NFTs” or used to train AI programs.


The Process is as follows:


Once the quote is accepted and the references and payment (Either full or 50%)  are sent, I will send you three rough sketches of the possible compositions of the piece for you to choose one as is, or request changes in your favorite. Changes in this stage are free of charge until you are satisfied with the final result.


Between two and three days, I will send you a low-res capture of the clean lines, in purple or pencil, once again, for your approval. In this stage, you have three changes free of charge, as in theory there shouldn’t be any big changes needed from the original composition.


Once this is cleared, between four and six days more I will send you the inks. Any change made in this stage will be charged, unless it’s very minor, like eyebrows position.


After this is approved, between six and eight days more (unless it’s a Chibi, in which case the wait time is between three and four days) you will receive the low res color image and, upon complete payment in case of a 50/50, you will receive the high res color image. If you wish so, I will also add a low res image with watermark for your social media.