It has come to my attention that I haven’t talked at all of why the site is named Calico Chimera, nor who this cutey is. My bad. Her name is Cooperstown and she represents both the fact that I love to work in different genres that can be put together, and my three cats. None of them are calicos, but their colors didn’t help for a good mascot so Cooperstown took a different coat from there.

I want to draw a small strip about her, but I haven’t had the time (While I write this, you guys get four comics from me every week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday… And I am working on a fifth one to fill the Thursday slot), so for now, you can see all the art I’ve made of her when I have some free time.

Her goat head represents Indiana, my oldest kitty, who can be quite stubborn on her ways, while the cat head represents Serenghetti, who is the only one who acts like a cat, being cunning and witty. The snake head represents Hei Hei, my rescue kitten who may or may not be special needs (you can learn more about Hei Hei if you follow me on facebook. I write about her antics a lot. And yes, that wasn’t her original name but the fact that everyone who knew her and saw Moana said “THAT’s your cat!” to me cemented her new name and well, now she answers to it)

As a bonus, here are my kitties: The Tabby one is Hei Hei, asleep with Indiana. The one who is alone is Serenghetti. She demands her space ever since Hei Hei kind of activated the shower when Serenghetti was inside.

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