D is for Dew

Dew, Water Squire

Together with Calani, Dew stays mostly in the background of the Dream Keeper Robin story for now. Unlike Calani, she manages to steal the spotlight due to her.. uhm… let’s call it enthusiasm for battle. She may not be the smartest Squire on the table, but she makes up for that with her unending energy.

Her flowers are Dog Roses, which usually mean Pleasure. Because that’s what she embodies at times: She loves life, fighting, her friends and her place in the universe. She gets pleasure from all of it. So yes, sometimes she might end up drenching everyone by accident, but she does it because in the end, it’s fun.

I really like Dew, as you can probably tell. And yes, she’s also a bit like my kitty Hei Hei.

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