Young Justice

If there was a comic I loved to pieces, was Todd Nauck and Peter David’s Young Justice for DC Comics. I never missed an issue, and while Kon-el was my absolute favorite character in the line-up, choosing a second fave was hard (It was a toss up between Lil’Lobo, Secret and Tim, especially when he came up with Mr. Sarcastic). I cried when the book was cancelled for the much grimer Teen Titans.

So now they’re back! And I am so happy because while it’s not written by Peter David or drawn by Todd Nauck, it’s still amazing. New team members (I will miss Empress and Arrowette, but they both deserve rest), and old team members and if you haven’t read it, please go and do so.

I have nothing more to say that wouldn’t be spoilers so… just the art, ma’am.

Tim Drake, Robin. Greatest Leader.
Kon-El, Superboy. Master of Tackiletelekinesis (TM)
Bart Allen, Impulse. He’s Impulsive.
Cassie Sandsmark, Wonder Girl. Granddaughter of Zeus.

Jinny Hex. Gunslinger. Granddaughter of Johan Hex.
Teen Lantern. Owner of one of the most powerful weapons in the universe.
Amethyst, princess of Gemworld.

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