Dream Keeper Robin’s Prom

Robin is my current oldest project, as I just started posting chapter four on Tapas. So of course, I love to draw every character in as many outfits I can while writing chapter five.

Robin rocks the purple look.

Poor Robin, I always draw him as a girl. Not my fault really, as well, it’s his powered form. I imagine that by the time he’d need to go to a princess ball or something, he’d be more resigned than anything. And well, while his dress shows off his shoulders, it’s more modest than his battle uniform so that’s a win on his book.

Alex likes the light yellow since she thinks it suits her.

Alex, on the other hand, would be like a fish in the water in a princess ball. She has seen enough anime to know what’s expected of her, and that in any case, it will probably be interrupted by a love confession or a villain. Or both. And she also loves to show off in cute dresses, so it works out.

Blaze knows how to set the example.

If Blaze looks a bit too seriou, it’s because she’s not used to the formal side of being a squire. She’s made for battle, and thus, a ball is not exactly where she’d hope to find herself. Still, she knows she must always look her best, so she does clean up nicely for the events.

Calani only has eyes for one person.

I really need to give Calani more spotlight in the comic, since I really don’t have much to say that wouldn’t count as “it’s all there in the manual” regarding her personality. So for now, I just can say for those who follow the comic… there are clues in this image. And spoilers. Lots of spoilers.

Dew managed to sit still for photos. A little.

Dew continues to be my favorite ever to draw. She’s very fun, especially when she lets her hair down instead of wearing it in the impossible pigtails I usually put her in. Also, I love blue, so making her wavy dress was very fun. I may have to re-visit this design soonish because it was so great to draw.

Erin will always look Pretty in Pink.

And well, if there’s anyone who looks more uncomfortable than Robin in a formal setting and a dress, that would have to be Erin. As the tallest Squire, she always feels too big in her dresses. But look at her! She’s so pretty. I love her. And well, she can break someone in half if they try anything funny, so there’s that too in her favor.

Orion, man of mystery.

Finally, you can’t have a prince ball without a masked mystery man. Orion fills that role nicely, even if he’s not there for dancing, but to keep an eye on Robin. Sure, Robin can take care of himself, but Orion wouldn’t be a magical bodyguard if he didn’t do his job.

Remember, you can read all about the characters of Dream Keeper Robin at Tapas, updating every Monday!

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