E is for Erin

Erin, Earth Squire

Of all the Alnitak Squires, Erin has been the one with most camera time mostly because she’s the calmest one and the only one who was willing to listen to Robin instead of just attacking to see how he’d react. Which is a bit because I adore her personality, since she’s quite calm and shy unless she’s in a battle. If Erin raises her voice, then you know you’re in trouble.

Her flower is the Edelweiss, which means Courageous. I choose it because that describes Erin to a T. Not only she had the courage to become an Earth Squire despite her power not being related to plants as it had been traditional for ages (More on that will be said in the comic, I swear), but also because she had the courage to contradict her squad leader, Blaze.

I totally adore her, even if sometimes I wish I had made her squire suit a bit different.

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