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Dr. Who, Seven to Thirteen

I was a bit late comer to Dr. Who. I started watching from 9’s season, but not until the hiatus between 11 and 12. Still, I fell in love with the series in about… 4 episodes. While I haven’t yet watched all of classic Who, I can’t deny 7 and 8 are really fun. And of the Doctors I’ve seen? All have something special. Can’t wait for 13, who seems to have a joy in life that I’ve been missing in the Doctors since 9.

Robin Princesses

I love drawing the Robin cast in pretty dresses and different hairdos. Even if they have little time to actually wear said dresses or hairdos in the story. Maybe one day I will actually add Gavin, Orion and Zander to the extra drawings.

Elf Quest

Elf Quest was one of the very first Independent Comics I ever read. Much later I discovered the amazing Strangers in Paradise, that became my absolute favorite, but Elf Quest was the first American non-superhero, non-Archie comic I ever read.  And I was completely enthralled by the story of Cutter, the Wolfriders, and the world of two moons.

And years later, I still think that Wendy Pini’s style is both gorgeous and HARD as hell to follow given the proportions. Still, I just had to give a tribute to the comic, as it just recently ended.


Volcanic Walk

Another of my half-naked cute guys, this one likes to run near a dormant volcano hot springs. He was really fun to color, as darker skins present a better challenge for lights and shadows.

Equestria Girls’ Portraits

I really love the Equestria girls. They’re so cool, and they have a very interesting palette. That’s why when I don’t have a fandom for my daily drawings, I default to them.

Of course, if you are interested in the fandom polls, they happen in my facebook (link on the sidebar) and my Patreon (same). And well, I hope you enjoyed the video process of Sunset Shimmer I posted a few weeks ago.

Drawing Sunset Shimmer

I’m sorry I have not been updating Calico Chimera as religiously as I had, but unfortunately my computer decided my scanner was too old and uncool so it no longer recognizes it.  I’ve tried to solve the issue, but it’s looking it’s going to take a while (And, well, if you want to help a bit by becoming a patreon or sending me some money through ko-fi, the links are on the sidebar always).

In any case, I am trying to do more digital art so that I can share it with you, and other fun stuff. Like coloring videos for my youtube channel and for my patreon. The first one is free for all to see, so here’s how I drew Sunset Shimmer from last week’s daily drawings.

I am one with the Force, the Force is with me

I am really slow with this series (but I do want to finish it), because I still think they have a lot in common. Especially these two. Because you can totally see Tala and Chirrut egging each other, and of course, helping their friends in their own way.

Art Summary 2017

So… we’re in the final post of the year. First year I told myself I was going to be constant with my posting on social media, and I re-started my own site and brand as Calico Chimera. It’s been a bumpy ride, to be honest, but I am happy with the results, especially as well, it’s the first time I am able to fill one of these Art Summaries with one image per month (and choosing some months was HARD), and I’m really happy with the results.

(BTW, the blank template is from DustBunnyThumper at Deviantart. Credit where Credit is due)

I did notice that I forgot to post some of the images here. Sure, I decided that Deviant Art would be mostly for fanart, and everywhere else for everything, but I never posted the Horsemen and Squires in Art Noveau borders here! That was a big overlook! (So I guess I will post them in 2018, just for competition sake). Also, I have to balance more my finished color original pieces and the fanart since this year it looks as I did more fanart (But of course, that doesn’t count comic pages, or sketches)

Most of this comes, of course, thanks to the amazing support I’ve had this year. And since this is the last post of the year, I can’t let it go without thanking Mandi Gordon, Writer’s Block writer and Dream Keeper Robin’s editor. Half of the illustrations here wouldn’t exist if she hadn’t supported me, pushed me to my limits, and kept pushing me from under my drawing table.

In any case, thank you for reading this, thank you for being with me and supporting me through 2017. Here’s to 2018 where I hope we all have a much better year!

The Pilot, the Wayfinder and the Dreamer

So once I finished Hei Hei and K2So  and started thinking about the way Moana and Rogue One managed to parallel each other, I got to Moana, Bohdi and Cassian.  And well, they do fit too! Moana is a rebel that will stop at nothing to protect the people she loves -like Cassian- and at the same time, she’s a messenger who is supposed to take the savior from point A to point B -like Bohdi.

Originally I wanted to draw them all in the boat, taking it to beyond the waves in the stars. Unfortunately, for the size of my paper, it would’ve ended up in a way where you couldn’t see their eyes. And I really wanted to show their eyes.

Guess when I finish the series, I will do that other idea. Because I still think these three would travel to very interesting places if they met.