The Pilot, the Wayfinder and the Dreamer

So once I finished Hei Hei and K2So  and started thinking about the way Moana and Rogue One managed to parallel each other, I got to Moana, Bohdi and Cassian.  And well, they do fit too! Moana is a rebel that will stop at nothing to protect the people she loves -like Cassian- and at the same time, she’s a messenger who is supposed to take the savior from point A to point B -like Bohdi.

Originally I wanted to draw them all in the boat, taking it to beyond the waves in the stars. Unfortunately, for the size of my paper, it would’ve ended up in a way where you couldn’t see their eyes. And I really wanted to show their eyes.

Guess when I finish the series, I will do that other idea. Because I still think these three would travel to very interesting places if they met.

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