Air Balloons

Another one of the cute half-naked guys I’m doing. He likes to meditate while watching air balloons. Here the challenge was to make the reflection, so I think I will work on them a bit more.

Copics with Aquarelle and white gel pen.

Horsemen of the Apocalypse Art Noveau

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse, older siblings of Dad in Writer’s Block, have quickly become my favorite characters: From long suffering Mahlon, to apparent eternally cheerful Carmen, from zen-like Thana to coffee-maniac Janna, I adore them all. It’s a pity we rarely see them in their work clothes (especially Mahlon as he looks really cool), but in exchange, here are these illustrations I made for double sided bookmarks last year. Hope to finish the whole family set this year.

Dream Keeper Robin Masquerade Ball

Last week, as part of my daily drawing challenge, I decided to do some portraits of the Dream Keeper Robin cast in a Masquerade Ball, to practice more their personalities. And after 10 days, here is the whole set:

Robin really enjoyed the first modeling session.
Zander looks great in his moon mask.
Alex is gorgeous in her sun mask
Gavin missed his beak when in human form, so he got a replacement.
Blaze looks fiery, as always.
Calani is a joy to draw every time.
Dew is always fun
Erin is always dreamy.
Orion doesn’t quite get the idea of a masquerade ball…
And Robin really didn’t enjoy the second modeling session, no.


The Elemental Squires

The Alnitak Elemental Squires

Last year, as part of the big promotions I made for the Dream Keeper Robin’s release, I made four bookmarks with the Elemental Squires in a very art-noveau style. I just realized I never shared them all with you.

So here they are, both sides of each bookmark (That will be soon on sale at the Kchink store, or if you see me at any convention in my table)

I really need to get on my tablet and do the next 4 characters in the set, Robin, Alex, Zander and Gavin.

Oh, and if you like the line art? All of them are part of the patreon rewards for those who support me from $1.00 a month. Get your homemade Robin coloring book!

And their gala dresses.

Apocalypse through the ages

As part of my daily drawings, I made a series of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse from Writer’s Block dressed in the 1900 century fashion, one per decade. This was so much fun, that I ended up deciding on another project around period clothing, since at times, it was hard to decide which horseman went with what decade (Let’s be honest, Janna-war kind of monopolized the last century), and what clothing they should wear. The only constant was that Carmen wore mexican fashion, because well, it’s her favorite place on Earth.

Red Skies, take warning.
1900 – Janna
Not a good decade to travel through the seas
1910 – Thanatos
Although to be honest, she looks more like a female Mahlon here
1920 – Carmen
Pestilence was also busy in the thirties
1930 – Mahlon
War was again in the horizon in the 40's.
1940 – Janna
We invented corn syrup. Famine was happy.
1950 – Carmen
He always look fashionable
1960 – Thanatos
In the Seventies... Janna had... issues
1970 – Janna
The eighties were hard work for Pestilence
1980 – Mahlon
She only wanted to have fun.
1990 – Carmen


It’s been a while since I find an anime series that really captures me. I wrote a couple of articles about Kakegurui for Honey’s Anime last year, and got completely hooked on it. Sure, it only lasts 12 episodes, but the Manga is longer, and now there’s a drama coming. It has a lot of fanservice (Which surprises me, as I usually dislike fanservice) and it’s a bit overacted -even in the manga- but it’s really fun and you just want to keep on reading to see what kind of bets are going to be made to try and stump Yumeko. So I of course, had to try and draw her.

Done with Touch markers, in Copic marker paper (which is REALLY thin, but has little bleed)

I am one with the Force, the Force is with me

I am really slow with this series (but I do want to finish it), because I still think they have a lot in common. Especially these two. Because you can totally see Tala and Chirrut egging each other, and of course, helping their friends in their own way.

Mountain Top

One of my goals for 2018 is to make more art. Not just for Writer’s Block (that you can read at or Dream Keeper Robin (every monday, but also just because. So I started doing some cute half naked guys and decided to share the first one with you.

Copic markers with Aquarelle pencils and a little bit of gel white pen.

Happy New Year Everyone

2018 is here, and well, we all survived so far. I can’t deny that 2017 was hard, but it also brought great challenges and new friendships. So to face 2018 right, I decided I am going to do at least one drawing a day.  I actually started on Dec. 22, to practice and make sure I could keep the rhythm of my other projects (Dream Keeper Robin #3, and of course, the continued Writer’s Block), as you may have seen if you follow me on instagram ( So here are all the 2017 small daily drawings, from 22-12 to 31-12.

So here’s for a great 2018, filled with art and emotion. I can’t wait to see what is in store for us.