Building Blocks in Pokemon World.

I’m going to be totally honest: I adore the Pokemon designs. Yes, even the absurd ones like the icecream cone and the keychain. There’s something about their looks that make me wish they existed in real life. Like everyone else, I want a Charizard.

However, I never had a gameboy or any mobile platform. Sure, I have an Xbox 360, and a Wii and yes, I’m behind my gaming but I spend way too much drawing. So I never played Pokemon until Pokemon Go came in. And I fell in love with it. So I got to think what pokemon my characters would have if they lived in the pokemon world and this is the result (Obviously, I will do this later with the other characters, because it was so fun to draw!)

Joshua and his Piplup, Snowflake

I don’t see Joshua becoming a full-time trainer. He’s far too zen for that. But since in Pokemon world everyone has a Pokemon and every 13 year old ends up as a trainer for a while, I can see him getting his starter, choosing Piplup because he likes cold, and then staying with him forever, as Snowflake (the Piplup) wouldn’t be that into combat or evolving. So, yeah, two friends, chilling together in the building.

Christy and her Natu, Breeze

On the other hand, Christy would ADORE the league. She’d be very insistent about being the best. And I can see her being Team Instinct, and liking flying and psychic types. She’d also be going around doing a documentary on Pokemon and the league. Basically, in this world her relationship with Joshua would be with a TON of letters and with the help of her Pokemon to go back to him quickly.

Mike and his Purrloin, Fluffybow

As I assume that in a Pokemon world, Firefighters are still needed, Mike is still a firefighter. But instead of having a water type Pokemon (and he probably works with some, at the station), he keeps his love for everything feline. He probably has about 100 feline pokemon at his place too, and none of them in a Pokeball. But Fluffybow is his favorite, even if Fluffybow hates his name.

Gabi and their Sylveon, Baby

As the resident free spirited artist, Gabi loves Eeves. Eeves are as changing as they are, so of course, Gabi has about eight Eeve in their house, one for each evolution and one who doesn’t evolve. And while Gabi loves them all, their absolute favorite is Baby, the Sylveon, who was also their first eeve.

Uriel and Einstein, his Magikarp.

Uriel is a private tutor, and that means he needs to be calm and patient. Sometimes he is. Sometimes… well, you will see in the future. Thing is, in a pokemon filled world, I can see him being very drawn to Magikarp. Because they are quite useless but with a lot of patience and love, they can grow to be amazing. (yeah, Uriel has yet to see a Gyrados)

Keeya and her Liligant, Lila

Keeya is the latest character introduced in Buidling Blocks, and she loves flowers. Like, to a very unhealthy degree given what we see in the comic ;), so of course she’d have a ton of plant pokemon, but her favorite would be Liligant because they could dance together!

Gail and Arceus.

I’d love to tell you ALL about why I choose Arceus to be Gail’s pokemon but… Spoiler alert. And then of course, Spoiler and Spoiler, so well, Spoiler. πŸ˜‰ Basically I will just say that if you read the comic, you will get it. πŸ˜‰

You can read Buidling Blocks every Thursday here!

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