M is for Moonbeam Honesty

Moonbeam Honesty. She will fight to the end for what it’s right.

Moonbeam Honesty is another of Romeo’s housemates. She is a very passionate woman, who thinks society should be fair and equal and is ready to fight and tell everyone about the unfairness we suffer today. She also happens to do many of those protests chained to doors and sometimes even without clothes.

She gets the M due to her chosen name (yes, her parents are not hippies, and named her something boring. Don’t ask me what, she wants to be called Moonbeam Honesty, her name is Moonbeam Honesty) and the Magnolia as a flower because it means Nobility, Perseverance and Love for Nature, all of which are qualities she has in spades.

You can get to know her every Tuesday for Free at Gradients on Tapas, and see some of her protests at the Friday Patreon strips, for just $1.00 usd a month.

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