C is for Calani

Calani, Wind Squire

Calani is, sad to say, the one of the squires that has had less chance to shine. She and Dew are my “Those two guys”, and I love their relationship, but since the story is about Robin, Calani and her issues take a second seat for the plot.

Her flowers are Cherry Blossoms, for two reasons: First, I adore how the wind carries the petals of the blossoms in spring and creates carpets in the parks of pink. So with her wind powers, it seemed logical to give her cherries. Second, the meaning in the language of flowers is “Good Education” and “Spiritual Beauty”, which both describe Calani pretty well. She may not be the most serious of the Squires, but she was the one who trained the hardest to control her powers.

She will have her time to shine soon at Dream Keeper Robin, that updates every Monday.

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