Building Blocks

Starting this week, January 21, I am premiering a new comic, Building Blocks. (If you follow me on twitter, instagram or facebook, you have probably heard about it already, but I swear, there’s new info here). It’s a project that’s very dear to my heart and started (in a completely different direction that I will tell you about one day) way back in the past century. But now, it’s polished and ready to go!

Joshua. Intendent. He thinks.

Meet Joshua. He is a bit distracted, and has been moving from place to place as money sometimes gets sparse. However, he has just hit what could very well be the lottery: A rent-free apartment in a deluxe building, with just one small little catch that is not really a big deal. I mean, it’s a job. He also will get paid, and all he has to do is to keep the Building working and the tenants happy. What could go wrong?

Chris. Supporting Girlfriend.

A lot, according to Chris, his girlfriend. They don’t live together, but she is a bit suspicious of the arrangement. After all, there’s no such thing as a free ride, at least according to her, and much less a ride you get paid to take that has no risks.

Still, she loves Joshua, so she’s determined to help him and support him as long as he insists in this new crazy adventure.

Mike. Resident Cat-gentleman.

Mike lives in apartment 203, with what Joshua considers are way too many cats. Mike thinks that’s absurd, there’s no such thing as too many cats. In fact, Mike thinks that one of the problems with the world is that people don’t have enough cats.

Mike might have a hoarding problem, but he’s so nice, no one wants to bring it up.

Gabie. She likes color.

Gabie lives in apartment 301. I can’t say too much about her yet, as it would be spoilerific, but I can assure you that she is not that big of a fan of cats. Or paying rent. Or her twin sister. However, she does have a spot soft for Joshua, from the moment they met.

She also loves dying her hair, so it can change color depending on her mood that month.

Raphie. She likes the quiet.

Raphie lives in apartment 302 and is Gabie’s twin sister. They don’t get along very well, as Joshua finds out quite quickly.

On the other hand, Raphie seems to be more responsible than Gabie, so perhaps Joshua will get along with her better. Only time will tell.

Uriel. Lives by his own timetable.

Again, can’t say much without going into spoiler territory, but Uriel is probably one of the nicest tenants in the building. He lives in apartment 502, and seems to know everyone in the building quite well.

Joshua does like him, and calls him the most normal of the tenants he has met.

Gail. Just Gail.

Finally, for now, Gail. She lives in the penthouse of the Building, and rarely, if ever, leaves her garden. There’s a reason for that, she loves nature, she loves peace and quiet and let’s be honest, she doesn’t get much of that outside her place. Still, she is quite friendly and loves everyone who comes to her door. Even if it’s to complain or to get the rent.

There are more tenants in the building, and even more people around Joshua and Chris’s lives, but for now, they’re the first ones you’ll meet. I hope you like the story, and like, subscribe and comment at Building Blocks, updating every Thursday after this week of daily updates.

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