Wonder Jasmine

Choosing Jasmine’s outfit was hard. I had already used the one with a bare mid-drift, and while there are a ton of other elseworlds outfits, none really fit the princess who wanted a bit more than just being trapped in a palace while being forced to marry a prince because that’s what the rules said.

Diana’s Amazonia’s outfit was chosen by accident, but as I reread that particular elseworld -which I don’t really recommend. I find it to be a bit of a waste of a lot of great ideas- ¬†I found out that they do have some bits in common. Especially the point about how women have to submit to a lot of rules that society doesn’t impose on men. ¬†Unfortunately, Amazonia doesn’t have many male characters that one would actually like, so that’s where the parallels end. Aladdin has some great male characters, and a villain you don’t want to be shot to the moon in the third page of the script.

Copic markers, glitter pen, and copic sketch paper.