Stephen King Houses

Anthropomorphization is really fun. I get why people draw animals, emotions, objects, and even subway lines as people. Me? Well, everyone knows I love Stephen King´s books so I decided to go ahead and turn some of his most famous haunted houses into people.

This original set is only four houses, but I might do others later on. I kind of have my heart set on making Room 1408, the Marsten House, the Pet Semetary and Al´s dinner.

29 Neibolt Street used to be very unknown to the non-King reading public because her one appearance had been cut from the 1990 It´s adaptation, but she was rescued from oblivion by the 2017 adaptation. Neibolt is a very old house, that even in the 50’s was completely abandoned. But just like Pennywise’s disguise, her depilated appearance was a magnet for adventurous kids. Of course, this makes her even more dangerous, as most adults didn’t even consider warning their kids away from her. After all, going into an empty house was kind of a fun dare back in the day, wasn’t it?


The Overlook, on the other hand, is probably the most infamous of Stephen King’s Haunted Buildings. And for very good reasons. Even when “dormant”, this hotel has had his share of victims over the years, and while some say that it’s “mostly” safe, it seems that no one leaves untouched one way or another (For that, read Misery. Or Dr. Sleep. Or the actual chapter in the book where the story of the hotel is explored in depth). Like Hotel California, for some people, once you check in, you can never check out.



Rose Red is also not very well known, because she’s not exactly from a book. She’s from the TV miniseries of the same name written and produced by King, and heavily based on the Winchester’s House. I love her because she’s a bit of a brat, demanding attention in some deadly ways, and throwing tantrums when she doesn’t get what she wants.  She was also the house that inspired me to make this series, because although we see a ton of ghosts inside her, the series makes it clear that she’s a different entity, and a very malicious one at that.



Finally, for this series, we have Dark Tower. Now, she’s not technically a haunted house, but she is a King building, so… she’s here. Also, she’s the center of everything, so she stays.

She also is not evil, depending on when you reach her. Or where you reach her, so I had to show that too. As you can see, I had a lot of fun with her and her hair.