Writer’s Block Kids Cosplay

The Writer’s Block Kids love to cosplay (Well, let’s be absolutely honest… the whole Cosmic Family except maybe for Grandpa ‘Thulu love Cosplay) and at the beginning of July, I decided to do a short run of them dressed up as some very epic sci-fi characters.  Can you name them all?


Writer’s Block Kids

Writer’s Block is Mandi Gordon’s and my baby. We’ve done almost 150 strips so far, and we’re going for more. And we both love our angels.

Now, Mandi also loves Calvin and Hobbes, so she challenged me to try and do a more comic strip-style for the cast. While I didn’t do the Horsemen (yet), I did all the kids. And I think that it’s a fun and quick style, that I might use one day in the strip. Or in another project.


Cosmic Family Family Tree

I adore the Cosmic Family. They all have a specific role to play (even the one who hates the idea of having a role to play). I’m considering making this a print for conventions, what do you guys think?

(Oh, In case you wonder the order: Granpa Ch’tullu is Mama Chaos’s father. Mama Chaos is Janna, Thanatos, Mahlon, Carmen and Dad’s mother. Dad is the father (and mother) of Lucifer, Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, Cassiel and Ariel)

Steampunk Writer’s Block

I love, love, LOVE Steampunk aesthetic. One of my dreams is one of these days to make a steampunk story. In the meantime, I get to play with the cosmic family. So here are all of them in a steampunk version that well, suits them all very, very well.


Wonder Ariel

My relationship with the Little Mermaid is complicated. There are times in which I love it and can sing every single song of the movie plus the ones in the Sebastian Sings CD that of course I had back in the day, there are days in which I want to throttle everyone who says “She gave up herself for a guy, ugh” because they totally miss that Ariel was completely obsessed with the human world before meeting Erick, and there are days in which I wish Disney had never touched it. Still, it’s the one movie where I love every single change made. Because damn it, I hated the original tale because Ariel did not deserve to die just because Hans Christian Andersen had a bone to pick with a ballerina.


In the same vein, I have a complicated relationship with the Post-flashpoint Wonder Woman comics. I am not a fan of the Nu52 silver uniform (which is why, spoilers, it is not in my list of uniforms to use for the princesses), and I hated that they made her Zeus’s daughter and then the Goddess of War for a lot of reasons that maybe I will touch one day when I finish that piece I am making of Diana.  Rebirth has fixed some of the problems, but well, you know the saying, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. So I’m waiting to see if they undo all the Nu52 damage or I have to wait until the next DC reboot.

Still.. I ADORE her new uniform. It’s the right mixture of the original, the new, and the movie one, while being completely her own. I love that now we see clearly where the lasso goes, that is an armor, the boots. Everything.

So of course,  I had to give it to Ariel. Who was, in a way, the Rebirth of Disney, for many fans.