I is for Intuitive

Robin. Unwilling Magical Girl, but loyal friend and great guy all around.

Robin is, at times, the embodiment of “yolo”. I blame Alex mostly, for her influence on him. Because no matter what life throws at him, Robin will always keep going forward and try to get out of whatever trouble that lands him in. Mom left the family before he was old enough to remember her? Who cares, he has his dad. Found out he’s actually an alien and heir to a throne? That’s kind of weird, but ok. Transforms into a girl to fight evil? Well… not happy with that but he’ll still fight to protect his friends.

He gets the I because he’s quite intuitive both about what his powers entail and people around him. That’s how he is slowly befriending the Squires that ended up attacking him for no reason. His flower is the Iris, which means “Thank you for being my friend”.

You can see his adventures every Monday at Tapas, and buy the print comics at every con I’m in or through my store.

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