Gradients D&D Edition

Given that the Gradients gang is both in college and they all live together, it’s quite easy for them to institute a gaming night. And given Xolotl’s love for pop culture, of course one night they would end up playing rol. Following that logic, I had to draw them as the D&D classes because it’s fun!

Romeo. Ranger Level 5

As the newest member of the house, Romeo is a bit behind to the campaign. He choose a Ranger because it sounded cool, got enough skill points to survive in the woods… and then the Master made a whole Urban adventure making Romeo’s character as lost as Romeo himself in real life. But the good news is that Romeo is enjoying the game a lot, so we can imagine he’ll level up soon and will get some extra skill points to navigate cities (and then the Master of course will send the party to the desert or something)

Rene. Rogue Lvl 8, Shadow Dancer Lvl 3

Rene enjoy the game a lot, as they say it help them to practice acting different characters. Their main character is a multi-class Rogue/Shadow Dancer who loves both spying and dungeon crawling. The only thing Rene dislikes about certain campaigns is the long politic sessions that sometimes occur in between dungeon crawling. Oh, they also love combat so despite their class being famous for stealth and sneakiness… they more often than not end up leading the charge as one of the party’s tanks.

Xolotl. Level 11 Bard. Dragon Tamer.

If you ask how Xolotl got a Dragon companion… well, would you have the heart to separate him from Izqui, even in a game? Of course, Izqui doesn’t have all the abilities a full size dragon has, or that would be a game-killer.

Together, Izqui and Xolotl keep the party’s morale high, and have managed to keep some creatures from killing them all thanks to Xolotl’s song. As to why Xolotl is not the DM… well, that I will leave as a secret for now.

Luisa. Wizard level 11

Luisa choose a Wizard because she assumed her character would die soon given the Wizard’s low HP. A couple of months and leveling up later, she’s now quite enamored of her character and is kind of considering multi-classing, although she still has no idea as to what second class to choose. In the meantime, she has become quite adept at getting the whole party out of the trouble that they get into, either with her spells or with her incredibly high Charisma stats.

Henry. Barbarian level 9

Henry arrived to the house when the game was already started, and as he was still getting the hang of English and caffeine, he was not clear on the rules. So he choose a Barbarian because that way it would be easier to justify everyone explaining things to him all the time. He originally had quite a big armor, but after an argument about sexy female armors with the girls, he went exactly the opposite way (But his leather straps are enchanted so that he doesn’t die quickly). He does have the costume in his closet for LARP sessions, although he has only worn it in public twice.

Aria. Fighter, level 11

Aria choose to be a Fighter since she wanted to get the Prestige class Knight and do some corrections to the game’s treatment of knights (Because of course she did). However, as she enjoyed the freedom the class gave her, she kind of gave up on the prestige class quite early on the game. As Henry’s girlfriend (Well, sometimes), she was the one who introduced him and thus her character was his character’s handler for the first few sessions. They are the official tanks of the party, but given her love for strategy, Rene soon replaced her in that role.

Moonbeam Honesty. Druid Level 11

Moonbeam Honesty had a choice between a druid and a paladin. What made her choose the paladin class was the fact that Aria choose fighter, and with the possibility of Luisa’s character dying early, they would need some magic or a healer and everyone agreed she’d be a terrible Cleric. Her druid character completely avoids using any kinds of metal or leather, and still manages to be quite efficient in battle.

And as I finish writing this, I realize that at some point all of it will end up in the comic or in the weekly strips.

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