Meet Dream Keeper Robin

Robin, Candidate for being the Crown Prince of Alnitak. Also, unwilling magical girl.

Robin is the main character of my comic titled after him, Dream Keeper Robin.  

It’s important to know that yes, “Dream Keeper” is his official title, just as the other girls are his squires. Or would be, if he passes the whole test that he needs to pass in order to be recognized as the official prince and the dream keeper.

Robin is 18 years old and lives with his father in a house near the mountains where he met Gavin, the eagle from Alnitak that gave him the magical watch that turned him into the Dream Keeper.  All this can be read on the first issue of the comic (and of course, on Tapas), but I wanted to share the full chapter image in color for you guys. 

Robin official color is purple, and his weapon is the thunder war mace… that he still can’t bring out after the first time he did. One day, he may get the hang of it.

Despite the fact that yes, he turns into a girl every time he uses his powers, he will very adamantly remind you that he is a man, prefers to be called Prince, and hates being referred to as “Candidate”. 

Among his powers so far, we know he can pull out shields out of nowhere, and sometimes, create lighting skates to skate over fire. Blaze and Erin have implied that he should have more abilities if he is really the crown prince. (Gavin, of course, says he is the crown prince)

You can read all of Robin’s misadventures at Dream Keeper Robin, or get the print version at the Calico Chimera store (Coming soon) or at any comic event I go to. 

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