Meet Earth Squire Erin

Erin, Elemental Earth Squire of Alnitak, also, voice of reason. Sometimes.

Erin is the fourth Elemental Squire of the Alnitak court, and representative of the kingdom of the North in the Alnitak star. She’s also the most calm of the squires, and the first one to warm to Robin once he beats her in fair combat. 

In fact, she is the only one so far (as far as Issue 3 that has been published now) that believes Robin has what it takes to become the Dream Keeper, mostly because he has shown courage not only against her and Blaze, but also against the Mintaka Agents. 

She’s the oldest of the squires, 20 years old in Earth years, and it shows because she is the only one who stops to think things through. She’s also the tallest, which sometimes make her self concsious. 

Her weapons of choice are twin swords that come out from her necklace medallion. She also can control rocks and the earth itself. There’s a story behind that, since previous earth squires controlled plants, but that will be a tale for another time. 

Of course, you can read all about her at Dream Keeper Robin, every monday on Tapas, or buy the comics at the store and at every event I go to.

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