Traveling Seers Comes Back

In 2015, I started in spanish a series that is really, really close to my heart: Traveling Seers.

The story of a baseball team made up of mediums, the only ones allowed to play in the Afterlife League, where all those people who loved baseball in life can keep playing for eternity.

I published two books of short stories in spanish, Traveling Seers and Traveling Seers: The spirit of the Game, but they have never been available in English… until now, sort of.

Starting this Wednesday, September 5, you can read the stories of the Traveling Seers  Here. For now, I’m starting sharing the stories that are already available in Spanish, only translated, but after a while I will also start adding completely new stories (That will, in time, make the third volume of this series). Of course, if you want to buy the volumes in spanish, they’re still in stock at the Store.

I really hope you enjoy this new adventure, and  while the real Baseball season is about to end, you have fun with the new afterlife season.

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