Pie Dragons

Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Lemon. Choose your flavor

This is a new project I’ve been working on: the Pie Dragons. Each Dragon represents a different kind of pie, and has a personality that matches (Apple is really traditional, Blueberry is mischievous, Cherry is very lovable, and Lemon… Lemon is cute). For now, they’re just stickers (Available at the store, will be fixing it really soon, and at conventions where I have a table), but I hope soon to make magnets too since.. come on, Pie! Everyone loves Pie!

You can also get the coloring book pages if you join my Patreon, as Apple is February’s reward.

I Zombie

It’s no secret I love Zombies. Well, horror in general, but zombies have a special place in my heart because I adore almost every story that has zombies. So it was no surprise that I completely fangirl over I Zombie despite being a bit behind due to Netflix LA not bringing season 3 soon enough (and when I was in Orlando, I was a bit too busy to binge on the season)  Still, on the series of daily drawings, I just had to draw the cast of the best zombie series on tv, hands down.

Equestria Girls Dungeons and Dragons

So I love Dungeons and Dragons, and I love Equestria Girls. Which is why, of course, I had to mix both in one series of images. From Twilight Sparkle the Sorcerer, to Pinkie Pie the Bard, this is one party of adventurers that is sure to have fun no matter what.