Pie Dragons 2

Strawberry, Cheese, Raspberry, Pumpkin

This is the continuation of my project of the Pie Dragons (you can see the first set of Dragons here) with the other four flavors. Unfortunately, as I did them individually you can’t see the scale, but Pumpkin is the biggest of them all (although he’s not as big as a real Pumpkin. He might be able to hide in many pots, though), while Raspberry is the smallest.  All the individual Dragons will be available as stickers and, as soon as I figure out how, Magnets. But the next step is, of course, see them acting together in various scenes. So let me know… what would be your favorite combination?

Pie Dragons

Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Lemon. Choose your flavor

This is a new project I’ve been working on: the Pie Dragons. Each Dragon represents a different kind of pie, and has a personality that matches (Apple is really traditional, Blueberry is mischievous, Cherry is very lovable, and Lemon… Lemon is cute). For now, they’re just stickers (Available at the store, will be fixing it really soon, and at conventions where I have a table), but I hope soon to make magnets too since.. come on, Pie! Everyone loves Pie!

You can also get the coloring book pages if you join my Patreon, as Apple is February’s reward.