Wonder Merida

Merida is adorable. Her strength and her decision not to let anyone dictate her destiny are great too, but at first, I can’t but see her, and remember the scene of her dad pretending to be her to let Elinor practice what to tell her. And I smile. Because the whole family is adorable, even before the twins get turned into bears.

She’s wearing the Artemis’s Wonder Woman suit, which is basically the suit Diana was wearing before Artemis -the amazon, not the goddess- and the Bahna Migdall asked for a new contest to make sure Diana was still worthy (as the Bahna Migdall had not been allowed to participate in the original one and Diana had had some mistakes in her career.. Comics are complicated sometimes), with very few additions. She’s wearing Hermes’s sandals, as she had no powers and couldn’t fly, and Atlas’ bracelets to have super strength. She also favored her bow and arrows over the Lasso of Truth, so of course, she was a good fit for Merida. Oh, there was also the fact that she was destined to die in Diana’s place (as I said, comics are complicated) and while she did die, she also said f**k this to death and managed to come back and make her own name as a hero.

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