Wonder Kidanakash Nedakh


I adore Atlantis: The Lost Empire. I think that it’s one of the most underrated movies of the Disney animated canon, and that Kida should be in the Princess’ line up because she is THAT Badass. I adore every single character, from Milo to Gaetan, and I think it’s a crime that more people don’t love the movie.

That said, I also adore Nubia, Wonder Woman’s black sister. Even if her origin in the silver age is a bit cringy, and she was pretty much ignored post crisis (She appeared, people forgot her and man, she should’ve been the new Wonder Woman instead of Artemis) and now she’s pretty much relegated to an alternate earth that well, it’s a bit problematic, I still love that she finally has an official Wonder Woman outfit. And because she, like Kida, is very overlooked, well, the combination was obvious.

(I am a bit mad that the scanner lightened Kida’s skin so much, as I tried to make her the same tone as she is in the actual movie)

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