Wonder Moana

I have to admit, Wonder Woman is my favorite comic book character of all time. One of my earliest memories is watching Lynda Carter on TV, and well, I had a bit of an obsession.

With the new movie, and all those “She wasn’t the first badass woman in movies” meme, I suddenly had the urge to dress Moana as Diana. They have a lot in common: Both are the only daughters of their Island’ monarch, both leave the island against their parent wishes but with another, older female family member’s approval. Both have to deal with a man who has a bit more ego than sense…. and well, if I keep going, I will spoil Wonder Woman.

So here’s my Wonder Moana (now the first of a series I’ve got planned and that I will share here for you all to see) a bit bigger and a bit cleaner than in Instagram and Twitter.

(Oh, and some WIP photos so you see the evolution)

It was made on Deleter A4 paper, using Shinhan Touch liners, Copic Liners, Touch Twin markers and Copic Markers.

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