Scooby Apocalypse

I love Scooby Doo.

This is not a joke, I donĀ“t mean it ironically. I really, really love Scooby Doo. When I was a little girl, I adored watching it -yep, even the Scrappy Doo episodes- although some jokes and cameos went right over my head. I think the only series I disliked were the 13th Ghosts (Because Riff Raff is a bit worse than Scrappy), and some of the Shaggy-only movies because I didn’t like the Scooby Gang being separated.

Hell, I OWN the two Live action movies. And have the soundtracks in my Ipod.

So of course, I also have a collection of “Dark” Scooby Doo reimaginings and when DC announced Scooby Doo apocalypse, I was one of the five people who REALLY wanted to see where it went. Spoiler alert: It has been going to some amazing places.

Fred, for example. He’s Daphne’s cameraman for a Paranormal Investigation TV Show that only like, five people watched before the apocalypse. Completely in love, and always ready to defend Daphne even if she ends up saving him more often than not. Rumors say he might die, but I am crossing my fingers they won’t go there as I adore him.


Then you have Daphne. The rich girl who decided she wanted to do something off her life and started doing TV journalism. Only she one bit too much, and was sent to a bad cable network to investigate fake ghosts. Oh, she also is hard core survivalist and the undisputed leader of the group.

Velma is a basket case of issues. Very anti-social and insecure, she joined her brothers to “improve” humanity with a nano project that went a bit out of hand. In her defense, she tried to stop it, but was too late. Now she’s trying to atone for all she did with the help of the Gang, even if she and Daphne butt heads more often than not.

Shaggy is adorable. A very pacifist man who ended up working for Velma’s project as dog handler because he LITERALLY didn’t read what he signed up for, and then managed to save Scooby from termination. They are the bestest friends. And he is always ready to help even if he’s terrified.

Scooby also is terrified more often than not. A “failed” Smartdog prototype, he can sort of talk, and express himself with a smart-holographic emoticon producer. Yes, it sounds silly, but it works. And while he’s not as cowardly adorable as his original counterpart, he is still afraid and only vanquishes that fear to help his friends.

Unfortunately, I can’t speak much about Scrappy without giving BIG spoilers. So let it just be said that while you might start hating him as much as you hated the original counterpart, he does grows on you. Like fungus. And then you feel bad for laughing at that joke.

I mean it.


Finally, we have Daisy. She’s Velma’s sister in law, and… another spoilerific character.

Seriously, read the comic. You won’t regret it no matter what your feelings of the original series are.

Oh, btw, all these were drawings of my weekly color practices, this time done with colored sharpies.