DC Bombshells

I have a very, very conflicted relationship with DC Bombshells. When the original figures came out, I didn’t pay much attention to them. Then came the covers and while I wasn’t offended or anything by them, I was a bit confused on how exactly portraying every single DC female as a pinup girl was supposed to be great. Then came the comic. And omg the comic is so amazing. In fact, it’s my favorite comic and I am so, so sad it’s ending soon. Because that comic? Is easily the BEST comic that DC is doing right now. It has EVERYTHING you want in a female-led comic. Every character is great, no one has rape as their backstory (yep, not even Harley. In fact, this may be the ONE Harley Quinn that doesn’t have “horribly abused by the Joker” as her backstory) and the batgirls are so cool. I have to draw them soon too.


And yes, it has a lot of great LGBT+ representation, from loving couples to girls experimenting, to bisexual men, to probably asexual girls, to heterosexual healthy couples… all the spectrum is right there.