Inktober 2018, Part 4

We’re almost done with the Inktober witches, and I am sure going to miss them… so probably there will be at least one more drawing of the group once I am done with the challenge. (I apologize for some of the images, my scanner hasn’t been cooperating lately)

Mirari comes from a noble family in Spain, and she loves to surround herself with fine and expensive things. Her familiar is a white cub lion which she named Diamond, but don’t be fooled, she’s not that stuck up. She just likes shiny things! (prompt was Expensive)

From the moment she was born, Abigail showed that she was different. Not just because she was the first witch in her family in about seven generations, but because her familiar ended up being a Hippopotamus named Olive. Now she has an outside workshop so that Olive can frolick free. (Prompt was Muddy)

Lenka is a kitchen witch. She takes a lot of pride in her magic dishes that can make everyone feel better and have more energy and inspiration. Her familiar, Tonda is a very mischievous lizard who loves to detach his tail whenever Lenka is chopping stuff just to freak her out. To be fair, his tail only ended up in the stew ONCE. (Prompt was Chop)

Daphne is a very free spirit.  She’s a traveling witch, and thus is always on the road, finding new friend and spells. Her familiar is a very angry hedgehog named Thorn, who tries very hard to look though. He hates it when Daphne calls him cute, but let’s be honest… he’s very, very cute. (Prompt was Prickly)

Meet Zagiri. She’s a very accomodating witch that thankfully has been practicing yoga and flexibility exercises since she was little as her magic comes from her body. This has come quite useful because her familiar Sunny, actually uses her as a pillow whenever he feels sleepy (which is quite often. Zagiri jokes that he’s a cat in a Fennec Fox’ body) and sometimes gets her in some uncomfortable positions. (Prompt was Stretch)

Skie is a weather witch. She is in charge of making sure that the nearby village is always ready for any kind of extreme storm which is not easy, but she tries with a smile. Still, she loves thunders and lightings, which makes her familiar, a tree frog named Thor, quite uneasy. Yes, Skie is a bit of a prankster, what gave her away? (Prompt was Thunder)

Angela has lived in Alaska for a long, long time now. She’s a ribbon witch and makes all her spells with ribbons, bows and yarn. Her current familiar is a baby penguin she named Pebble and who loves to get inside the boxes she uses for her spells. Oh, and yes, Angela is a very close friend of the Claus’s family and helps with wrapping around December. (Prompt was Gift)

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