Memory Lane: I.Doll

I.Doll was my professional debut in Mexico. I was 17 years old, and couldn’t believe my luck when I was told that an editorial actually wanted one of my stories for a new project with national stories. It was thanks to the recommendation of my friends Obal and Gaby Maya, who was an editor at the time, and Victor Fernandez, who would be the editor of the magazine and you have no idea how grateful I am to them even now.

This particular image is a bit old, but I was cleaning my harddrive and found it, and then realized I had never shared it anywhere so… here she is, Irene Doll, I.Doll, my very first original character who, despite the fact that I ended the comic three years ago (after long hiatus, long story. The whole thing is about 420 pages long), is still very close to my heart.

Who knows? I may draw her again someday.

2 thoughts on “Memory Lane: I.Doll

  1. Hola Ada, sabes que soy un gran fan de I.Doll quiero conseguir el tomo pero donde dónde lo consigo, por ahora ir a convenciones se me complica, me encanta tu trabajo lo sabes, un fuerte abrazo

    1. Hola, estoy ahorita tratando de corregir unos problemas de la tienda en linea para poder reabrirla y que puedas conseguirlo por ahi. Gracias! y abrazos.

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