Supernatural is one of my favorite shows. Well, was. Now it’s more of a guilty pleasure because the cast is so pretty since after fighting God’s estranged Sister, there’s an issue of Big Bad escalation that not even Buffy managed to reach. Still, I love the characters, when the writers let them evolve, and I am an unrepentant, unashamed Dean Girl. So of course I was really happy when Supernatural won my biweekly fanart poll.


Traveling Seers Month and Subscription Drive

This was the very first illustration I did for Traveling Seers. Maria, on the home plate, ready to start an inning. There’s a lot to say about Maria: why I choose that nickname, why he bears with it, and yes, how he feels about leaving his country to chase his dream.  While the story began in spanish a long time ago, I am just showing it in English now. However, don’t worry: Once we get up to date with the spanish version,  it will keep going.

This month Traveling Seers will be updated every weekday in Tapas. This is to give you guys a bigger archive to read, and to do a subscription drive at Tapas: If I get to 300 subscribers before Nov 1, I will keep a Monday-Wednesday-Friday update schedule through November and onwards.  So, as they say in Youtube: Like and subscribe!