Ducktales 2017

As many children in the late eighties, early nineties… I loved Ducktales. It wasn’t my favorite series, but it was close to the number 1 spot. I could hum the song both in spanish and english and omg, I have so many good memories of both Ducktales and later, Darkwing Duck (yes, my favorite in both was Launchpad McQuack, named Joe in spanish).

So of course, when the reboot was announced… I was both scared and excited. Because yay! More Ducktales. But… reboot. Dread. Fear. And all the things that could go wrong.

Of course, fears were unfounded. Ducktales 2017 was even better than my memories of the old series, just by the simple fact of having Donald Duck in a more active role, that Webby and Mrs. Beakley are not just the loads, and that it had not one, but FOUR different character arcs for each character.  In a word, is perfect.

Sure, it needs more Darkwing, and it definitely needs more Donald… But they have Season 2 to fix that! 😀