N is for Noemi

Noemi. Psychology Student surrounded by test subjects.

Noemi is yet another one of Romeo’s housemates, and the one we’ve seen very little for now. This is because she has a reputation of being cold and being studying all the time so well, she’s usually in her room, reading. She’s Moonbeam’s roommate, by the way, so you can imagine that sparks fly in that room whenever they argue about the correct way to bring social change.

She gets the N because of her name, and her flower is the Narcissus. Yes, it means pride, but it also means self-knowledge (Flower speech is complicated). It’s mostly because Noemi tends to think she knows everything, and sometimes, she does. Other times, she should listen to her housemates.

You can meet her every Tuesday at Gradients, and read a bit more about her every Friday at Patreon, for just $1.00 USD a month.

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