J is for Juliet

Don’t call her Juliet (Even if it’s her name)

I have to apologize a little since well, due to a mixup with my calendar, Juliet has yet to appear in Gradients. So technically… this is a bit of a spoiler. But she’s coming soon, so… I will try to keep everything a bit vague. You will like her, I swear.

She got the J for her name, although she rarely uses it, preferring her nickname (that for now, is a spoiler). Her flower is the Jazmine, that means Cheerfulness and a good sense of humor, which describes her very well. She loves the Gothic Aesthetic, most precisely the Gothic Lolita, although she can also be seen rocking jeans and t-shirts if the day is not conductive to more elegant attires (Or her teachers complain too much. She does care for her grades).

You (And Romeo) will meet her soonish at Gradients, every Tuesday in Tapas, and in the special Patreon Strips every Friday for those who donate $1.00 USD or more a month.

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