H is for Henry

Henry. Exchange student. Canadian. Baseball lover

Good ol’ Henry. He obviously gets the H because of his name, but he’s also hard working, and honest to a fault. He’s one of the house inhabitants at Gradients, where he sometimes takes the role of the straight man to the other’s more obvious quirky personalities. He loves sports and is in Mexico studying to become an Architect.

Henry is Canadian, and his reasons to come to Mexico to study are still a bit of a mystery. However, everyone in the house knows that he stayed for a second semester because once here, he fell completely in love with a) Mexican architecture, and b) Aria. And in Luisa’s opinion, he is more interested in Aria than in the buildings, but Henry tries hard to pretend he is still more interested in his major.

His flower is the Hyacinth, which in it’s white version means Loveliness as he is quite polite and adorable, and in the purple version means Forgive me which… well, if you have seen Gradients and the Patreon’s exclusive strips is what Henry says a lot.

You can get to know him better every Tuesday at Gradients, and, if you want to be one of my Patreons, every Friday for just $1.00 USD a month.

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