G is for Gavin

Gavin, Alnitak Envoy, Ice Cream Lover.

Gavin is usually an eagle, but for ice cream -and other sweet desserts – he will turn human in the blink of an eye. He gets the G for his name, of course, although if you ask him it’s because he’s Good, Gallant and Great. Obviously, his ego is quite healthy. He’s the Alnitak Envoy tasked with the mission to find the Heir, and determine if they are a good Candidate for the crown. (Alnitak’s royal line is a bit complicated)

His flower is the Gladiolus, that means both Strength of Character and “Give me a break”, and both sentiments describe him very well. For some reason that hasn’t been revealed yet, Blaze REALLY doesn’t like him and constantly calls him either traitor or chicken. There’s a story between those two that one day I might tell fully.

You can see in what predicament he has gotten himself into reading Dream Keeper Robin, that updates every Monday.

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