F is for Fast Hitter

Phoenix is a dangerous hitter, and the Short Stop of the Traveling Seers.

Phoenix got the F both because her name in spanish is spelled Fenix, and because she is one of the fastest hitters in the Traveling Seers team. (She’s also a Fury, in the sense that you do not want to make her angry and if you make her angry… well, the Traveling Seers management will hold no responsibility for your health and continued well being).

As a member of the Traveling Seers, she can see ghosts. She also has another ability, but as it hasn’t come up yet on the story, I will refrain from giving you guys spoilers. Her flower here is the Forget Me Not, that symbolizes Memories, Hope and True Love. In her own words “I remember the story of Baseball because it’s my Hope to see new players. My True Love is the game”.

Phoenix is also half-covered in tattoos, which means that whenever they play with an umpire that was active before 1990, she has to wear a sweatshirt under her uniform to cover them. As per the current rules of the game, when she plays with a more open umpire, she only needs to cover the ones on her wrists and make sure they don’t show much under her normal uniform shirt.

You can, of course, read all about her at Traveling Seers, updating every Wednesday on Tapas.

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