2018 Year in Review

Last year, around this week and inspired by the amazing Axel Medellin’s daily sketches, I made the resolution of doing one color sketch daily both to practice and to have enough art for the year in review. And while I fell short of that particular goal (May was madness and during October I choose to concentrate on Inktober), I still managed most of the days. And so, here’s the year in review, with a bit of everything, as I go into 2019 with more resolutions:

First, obviously, I will keep on doing the daily sketch thing until I manage 365 drawings for you guys. Sure, October will be Inktober, and I hope that 2019 is the year when I manage to get all Mermay done, but still, 1 drawing a day.

Second, well, webcomics: Dream Keeper Robin will continue every Monday, followed by Gradients every Tuesday, Traveling Seers on Wednesdays and a new project that I will be telling you about pretty soon on Thursdays, to finish with the patreon exclusive strips of Gradients every Friday.

And Third, well, you will see. I want to surprise you guys with a new comic and more conventions. So wish me luck, and to all of you, a very happy 2019, and that all the blessings for you and your loved ones!

Princess Bride

There isn’t much to say about Princess Bride that hasn’t been said already: It’s a classic, a wonderful story

Gradients Ugly Holiday Sweater Party

Visit the Gradients Ugly Holiday Sweater Party and decide who wins!

Meet Earth Squire Erin

Erin is the fourth Elemental Squire of the Alnitak court, and representative of the kingdom of the North in the Alnitak star. She’s also the most calm of the squires, and the first one to warm to Robin once he beats her in fair combat.

Meet Dream Keeper Robin

Robin, Candidate for being the Crown Prince of Alnitak. Also, unwilling magical girl.

Robin is the main character of my comic titled after him, Dream Keeper Robin.  

It’s important to know that yes, “Dream Keeper” is his official title, just as the other girls are his squires. Or would be, if he passes the whole test that he needs to pass in order to be recognized as the official prince and the dream keeper.

Robin is 18 years old and lives with his father in a house near the mountains where he met Gavin, the eagle from Alnitak that gave him the magical watch that turned him into the Dream Keeper.  All this can be read on the first issue of the comic (and of course, on Tapas), but I wanted to share the full chapter image in color for you guys. 

Robin official color is purple, and his weapon is the thunder war mace… that he still can’t bring out after the first time he did. One day, he may get the hang of it.

Despite the fact that yes, he turns into a girl every time he uses his powers, he will very adamantly remind you that he is a man, prefers to be called Prince, and hates being referred to as “Candidate”. 

Among his powers so far, we know he can pull out shields out of nowhere, and sometimes, create lighting skates to skate over fire. Blaze and Erin have implied that he should have more abilities if he is really the crown prince. (Gavin, of course, says he is the crown prince)

You can read all of Robin’s misadventures at Dream Keeper Robin, or get the print version at the Calico Chimera store (Coming soon) or at any comic event I go to. 

Haunted Houses Stickers

You have probably seen my Haunted Houses’s series here in Calico Chimera, as I give human bodies to  many haunted houses around the world. What you probably don’t know is that I also have done chibi stickers of all of them. So today, I thought I’d share the current line-up for you all to see.  In order: Villisca, Winchester, The House of Aunt Toña, The Tubos’s House, and the Aberdeen’s Tolbooth.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

I fell in love with the new She-ra series. Back when the trailer came out, I was already intrigued because as much as I love the original, I also know that it had some flaws and liked a lot what I saw of the reboot (Mostly the fact that now the characters had different shaped bodies and that Glimmer and Angela looked like mother and daughter, not like twin sisters). But actually watching the series? OMG, I am in complete love with it. She-ra/Adora is adorkable, Glimmer’s desire to prove herself is relatable, Bow is all shades of awesome, Catra needs a hug and a scritch behind her ears…

I could go on forever.  The only princess that hasn’t quite grown on me is Entrapta, and even her is adorable at times. So yeah, I had to make some fanart tribute.

And if you haven’t watched it, watch it! I’m 90% sure you’ll love it!



It has come to my attention that I haven’t talked at all of why the site is named Calico Chimera, nor who this cutey is. My bad. Her name is Cooperstown and she represents both the fact that I love to work in different genres that can be put together, and my three cats. None of them are calicos, but their colors didn’t help for a good mascot so Cooperstown took a different coat from there.

I want to draw a small strip about her, but I haven’t had the time (While I write this, you guys get four comics from me every week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday… And I am working on a fifth one to fill the Thursday slot), so for now, you can see all the art I’ve made of her when I have some free time.

Her goat head represents Indiana, my oldest kitty, who can be quite stubborn on her ways, while the cat head represents Serenghetti, who is the only one who acts like a cat, being cunning and witty. The snake head represents Hei Hei, my rescue kitten who may or may not be special needs (you can learn more about Hei Hei if you follow me on facebook. I write about her antics a lot. And yes, that wasn’t her original name but the fact that everyone who knew her and saw Moana said “THAT’s your cat!” to me cemented her new name and well, now she answers to it)

As a bonus, here are my kitties: The Tabby one is Hei Hei, asleep with Indiana. The one who is alone is Serenghetti. She demands her space ever since Hei Hei kind of activated the shower when Serenghetti was inside.