Inktober 2018, part 3

This set of witches came out quite different from the rest. But they all have very interesting stories, so I really want to share them with you.

Meet Adah and her Jerboa familiar, Tomorrow. Adah is quite sick, but she is not letting her illness define her, nor diminish her optimism. So that’s why she named her familiar Tomorrow, because that way she can always say that she wants to see Tomorrow and mean it. She’s also the nicest of the witches, but if you make her angry, she will curse you with such strength that you won’t even know what hit you. (Prompt was Weak)

This is Thaira. She lives in Egypt, although she has never had the chance to see the great Pyramids because she’s always studying. Her familiar, a Sacred Ibis named Akiiki tries to convince her to have more fun, but so far he has been unsuccessful. (Prompt was Angular)

Reetta is a mermaid witch who loves to play in the weaves. Her familiar, Bubble, is a scaredy Puffer fish that poofs at everything (She once poofed up because a sliver of light hit her in the fin. Reetta couldn’t stop laughing for an hour). Together, they cruise the oceans looking for adventure. (Prompt was Swollen)

Carryl is a very well behaved witch. She follows all the rules, and never  raises her voice against her elders.  She only uses magic when it’s really important, and would never think of doing a spell just for fun. Unfortunately for her, her familiar, Lush, loves breaking every single rule. Especially the one about familiars not being allowed in the wine cellar or the liquor cabinet. Lush loves to drink, and Carryl is usually the one who has to deal with the consequences. (Prompt was Bottle)

You heard that boom? That was probably Nelleke’s workshop going Big-badda-Boom again. To the eternal chagrin of her familiar, Gunpowder, Nelleke loves to experiment mixing magic and technology and that usually ends up with something exploding, Nelleke’s face completely covered in sooth (She has never mastered the protection spell that would avoid that) and Gunpowder suffering another heart attack. (Prompt was Scorched)

Benedetta and her familiar, Atila, have the exact opposite relationship. Benedetta is quite careful, has everything in her lab in order, and doesn’t do anything that hasn’t been proved and tested by other witches to make sure it won’t explode. Atila, despite her very small size -as she’s a Russian White Hamster-  manages to create havok wherever she walks. In fact, she’s named so because where she goes? Grass won’t grow again. (Prompt was Breakable)

And to end the week, meet  Oxanna. She may look a bit rough, but she’s very femenine and hates housework because it could mess her clothes. Thankfully, she has Grubby, her squirrel familiar, to help her out. Thing is, Grubby loves to pick up things everywhere, dropping them in her lap. Including everything he finds when he does the plumbing. (Prompt was Drain)

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