Inktober 2018, part 2

Continuing with the witches of Inktober, I have to admit that the second week’s prompts gave me some really weird ideas.  Yes, the muse is still going overboard, and now I am between coloring book or story books for each. 

Oh, and of course, I am going to color four of the girls, and you guys can decide either by voting on my facebook page, or commenting here with your favorite of the week.

The First of the week is Helmi, a Sea witch and an octopus-mermaid (octomaid? merocto? what is the name for them?), whose familiar is a cute little Starfish named Pearl. Yes, Helmi knows that starfishes don’t make Pearls, but she liked it and Pearl tends to stay on her wrist or neck like a bracelet or necklace.  Both of them are very mischievous and love to play pranks on ships.

(The prompt was Star)

Then we get Caprice, an italian witch that loves everything fanciful and expensive. Her most used spells are to make things look prettier and fix everything that’s broken.  Her familiar is a violet chinchilla (yes, her fur is naturally violet, not a result from a spell accident, thank you very much), named Goldie. Both Goldie and Caprice love coffee and long walks around the village where they live. (Prompt was Precious)

Lavra is a river witch who loves to play in the water. She’s not a mermaid, she actually lives on land, but because her familiar is a river otter named Wave she spends a lot of time in the water doing spells with the bubbles and the flowers around them. Wave loves to play and run between Lavra’s long hairlocks. (Prompt was Flowing)

This shy and nice witch is Della. She has had a hard life because her family doesn’t really understood magic. But now she’s free from that, and while her body shows the scars of the past, and she is very slow to trust someone, she is still standing strong. Her familiar, an Aye aye named Frump, will always jump to protect her even if he’s too small to do some heavy damage. (Prompt was Cruel)

Next on the line, and in a big contrast with Della, we have Meghan. She is a witch that doesn’t completely trust magic, so she keeps training her body to be stronger every day. What she does is to make the weights smaller, not lighter, and carry them in her bracelets (Each one of those weighs a lot, but she is now used to it). Her familiar is a pygmy whale named Pound. And yes, Meghan can and will throw Pound at you if you make her mad. (Prompt was Whale)

Number 13, Hilde, is also a very strong willed witch. She has had some very bad experiences with people, so she won’t trust easily. Many people say that her familiar, Whiskey, is a reflection of how she is: A porcupine who won’t put the quills down until you prove yourself to them. One thing is sure, you hurt Hilde or Whiskey, and you will be in a lot of pain. (prompt was Guarded)

And finally, to end the week we have Agatha. She’s a time witch that can time travel and yet can never be on time for any appointment no matter how hard she tries. Each one of her watches has a different spell on them, and she has forgotten a couple which sometimes can be troublesome. Thankfully, her familiar Hickory keeps track of which one does what, and where and when she keeps them. Hickory is, of course, a watchmouse. (Prompt was Clock)

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